Far Cry 6 takes place in a fictional Caribbean country known as "Yara", where, it goes without saying, the current affairs are in total turmoil, unsurprisingly, like all other Far Cry games. Ubisoft's next shooter is set amidst a revolution trying to oust a brutal dictator from power.

This is what we know about Far Cry 6 so far, including what's new for this amazing open world shooter series and about possible superhuman powers for the guerillas.

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Who are the Main Characters in Far Cry 6?

The name of the main character that we get to play as in Far Cry 6 is Dani Rojas and the main villain antagonist in this game is Antón Castillo.

Dani Rojas

Main playable character- Dani Rojas- Male and Female
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

For the first time we have the option to play as a male or female character in the Far Cry series, an option Ubisoft initially introduced in Assassins Creed Odyssey.

And unlike the previous games, in the cutscenes and some special gameplay sequences, you get to walk around and play in a 3rd person view.
This overall helps in the immersion into the game plot and helps us get more into the skin and the personality of the character, a welcome change from the totally mute character, "Rook" or "Deputy", that we got to play in Far Cry 5.

Antón Castillo

The main villain in far cry 6- Anton Castillo
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Antón's father was El Presidente of Yara. He was assassinated right in front of Anton when he was a child, about 50 years ago. This may explain why Antón grew up to have a tyrannical world view seeing power and authority as the only means to rule an island that was stolen from his family. Antón saw himself as the saviour of Yara, and he believed that only he and the Castillo family could save the island. As such, he became El Presidente himself, promising that he would usher in a new dawn of progress for Yara into a country much as it had been fifty years ago. Antón, however, began to rule with an iron fist, much like any dictators we know from history and those who spoke out against his methods were put in jail or forced into labour. As his county sunk into chaos and unrest, he tightened his grip on the country which is when the main protagonist and the guerrilla forces appear to deliver liberation. Hence why the resistance forces are aptly named 'Libertad'.

Antón was determined to force his son, Diego, to follow in his footsteps, he wanted to groom him to take over and succeed him in the future.

Diego Castillo

Diego-Castillo-Son of Anton Castillo
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Diego is the son of Antón Castillo, who, from the trailer, appears to be reluctant to follow in his father's footsteps. 

In the trailer, Diego is seen playing with a model car when Anton came to him and handed him a grenade and then unpinned it without warning. Anton asked Diego to firmly clasp the grenade and was then asked to follow Anton while he shivered and struggled to keep the unpinned grenade from triggering. Anton took Diego onto a rooftop of a tall building above a rioting street, where Antón tells Diego about their people being ungrateful and naive. Anton tells Diego that the rioting Yarans thought Anton to be evil. He then asks Diego if he thinks he's evil, to which he quietly shakes his head. Antón then explains to Diego that the people of Yara was like the grenade in his hand and that 'only a firm grip' can stop them from exploding.

Anton expected Diego to prepare himself as the future leader. Nodding, the boy steadies his hands on the grenade signifying his renewed resolve or was he just acting, we have to find out.

Juan Cortez

Juan Cortez - Weapons supplier-key ally in the fight against Castillo
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Juan Cortez is a former KGB spy who plays a key role in the revolution against Castillo. He supplies Dani Rojas with all the weapons, possible upgrades, modifications, the Supremo backpacks, and even his pet crocodile, Guapo.

Clara Garcia

Clara Garcia - leader of Libertad
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Clara Garcia is the leader of the guerrilla resistance group, Libertad. She and her guerrillas have taken a vow to bring down Anton Castillo, at any cost.

Far Cry 6: Gameplay

From the trailers, it’s clear that Ubisoft has placed a lot of importance on narration and storytelling in Far Cry 6, after the widely criticised redundant storyline of Far Cry 5.

That explains why they've spared no expense on casting talent with the brutal dictator and main villain Anton Castillo being played by Giancarlo Esposito well known for his villain role in Breaking Bad and the Mandalorian.

Anton’s 13-year-old son Diego is portrayed by Anthony Gonzalez who also played ‘Miguel’ in Pixar’s ‘Coco’.

The gameplay is set in a location called Yara, and the trailers show us rioting streets of the capital city of Esperanza where we see a lot of urban terrains, a first in the Far Cry series.

In the trailer, we get to see a really good look at the size and scope of the city and other semi-urban areas.

The trailer shows us glimpses of intense large-scale street combat like we've never seen before in the series.

The setting of the city, the ambience, the architecture, and the classic cars all show a lot of influence from modern-day Havana.

Yara is an island nation set in the Caribbean and the preview features a vast expansive map speculated to have the largest playable area ever in the Far Cry series.

Yara is a tropical paradise, we get to see gorgeous beaches and lush jungles that should be much familiar to the Far Cry 3 fans.

The citizens of Yara are divided on Castillo's rule. From the trailers, we get to see the protesting citizens and also some blindly following the regime. 

The main character that we play as, Dani Rojas, is a local Yaran who has vowed to overthrow Castillo's dictatorial rule.

It is said that Dani used to work in the dictator’s army and got disillusioned with the state of affairs, fed up, Dani drops out of the military and joins up with Libertad, a revolutionary guerrilla group, working to strike and bring down Castillo’s rule.

They use everything from propaganda, sabotage and open combat to bring down Castillo.

Weapons in Far Cry 6

Weapons in Far Cry 6
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Far Cry 6 has the biggest collection of weapons in any far cry game with 49 military-grade weapons and also older generation weapons from the Revolution and previous wars.

We have an array of weapons right from SMGs, Sniper and Assault rifles, hand pistols, modern and from the previous era.

Some large guns will have armour-piercing bullet rounds that will help kill enemies who are wearing protected armour and helmets.

There are explosive arrows available along with the compound bow.

Due to the restrictions by the dictator that cuts off Libertad's ability to get resources and weapons from the outer world, they come up with a system called ‘Resolver’ that basically means ‘make best of what's available.'
This applies to many parts of the game but it's most apparent when it comes to the weapons.

Resolver is actually a real-life philosophy from Cuba and for them, it means to solve it no matter the lack of resources. It's all about using availability and creativity to make things happen, be it creating and modifying weapons, creating warfare solutions or modifying vehicles to make them battle-ready.

Thus the concept of Resolver weapons leads you to find and use very wild and wacky weapons that you wouldn't find in the previous Far Cry games.

Resolver Weapons

CD launcher weapon made out of a CD player that plays 'Macarena' when shooting enemies.
Macarena CD thrower weapon-Resolver
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Machine gun made out of an old motorcycle engine
Resolver weapon- Machine Gun made using an old motorcycle engine
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Rail gun made from batteries
Rail gun made using batteries- Resolver
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

SMG made from Sardine Cans.
Gun made using Sardine cans-Far Cry 6
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Supremo Backpacks in Far Cry 6

Types of Supremo Backpacks shown
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

In this game you also get something called supremo backpacks introduced for the first time in the series.
These backpacks come with special abilities like the exterminator pack which looks like a total commando artillery machine that you wear on your back.

These can be really useful if you've to face a whole squadron of enemies single-handedly or if you have to blow up a much stronger enemy machine like an army tank.

There are multiple types of backpacks, of course, the full details of their abilities have to be found out after the release of the game.

Guns for hire in Far Cry 6

Ubisoft has made it clear that this edition of Far Cry 6 would not be having any human Guns for Hire, but only animal battle companions like Far Cry 5. In Far Cry 6, instead of Guns for Hire, we get Amigos for hire.

Let’s take a look at all the animal companions that we’re going to be able to own.


Cute Weiner Dog Amigo-Chorizo-Far Cry 6
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Chorizo is a cute little pup Weiner dog that is obviously not gonna be a huge attack animal. From the trailers, we get to see that the pup is very helpful in distracting enemies while we can move in to do a stealth kill.

Also, like Far Cry 5, this Weiner dog should help in scouting out enemy base camps without setting off the alarm to find out how many enemies are present in a base and their positions as well.

Also, it is said that Chorizo will be helpful to carry around extra rounds of ammo and med-kits when we run out of it mid-battle, The trailer clearly shows that the hind legs of Chorizo are attached to a mini cart with all the needed stocks.  


( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

Guapo is a fierce crocodile that we can summon with just a whistle to quickly take down enemies. This can also help in stealthy gameplay as we can just sit hiding in a bush while Guapo does all the work.

I presume, he is going to be just as powerful as the battle tank bear, ‘Cheeseburger’, we got in Far Cry 5. Cheeseburger would take out multiple enemies without breaking a sweat. 

I’m sure Guapo is just as powerful if not more.

A no-nonsense Rooster (Name Unknown)

( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

We also get a sneak preview at another amigo for hire, a short-tempered rooster without any me-cute thing about him. 

Sure, he can be used to distract the enemies, but instead of being cute like the pup, the rooster is surely going to harass them so much so, they would have no other option but to give up.

It may not be able to take out multiple enemies like Guapo but surely it’s gonna be helpful to distract a bunch of guards while we do our thing.

We don’t have all the details and much of what is said is good guesswork after seeing the trailer.

Will we get Superhuman powers in Far Cry 6?

There is a lot of speculation and fan theories out there about different new features of Far Cry 6.

One of the prominent ones among them is a speculation based on 12 seconds from the worldwide reveal trailer where it shows a snapshot of a classified memo where it mentions the word 'Superhuman' on it.

( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

There are two paragraphs that can be seen here. If you check the 1st paragraph, we can clearly see these words

“....s have superhuman po….”

If we try to assume and guess, almost surely the first word here should be ‘Guerrillas’.

Then comes the words ‘have superhuman’,that’s clearly seen.

The final word starts with ‘po’.

Unless the word is ‘Superhuman Pony tails’, my best bet is on the word ‘powers’ as that is what makes total sense.

So after all, this line should read as

‘Guerrillas have superhuman powers.’

Now as we have inferred this much from this said clip. We have to look further for more clues as to what kind of superhuman powers are being referred to in the memo.

Watching the trailer further looking for more clues, towards the end of it, we are introduced to a new type of weaponry gadget,

the ‘Supremo backpacks’. 

We get to see a variety of these Supremo backpacks in the trailer.

We see Dani using a Supremo backpack to launch rockets at an enemy tank.
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

We see Dani using a Supremo backpack as a kind of flame thrower.
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

We also see Dani doing a ‘rocket-propelled’ jump.
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

This picture in the trailer shows us a variety of Supremo backpacks

Different types of Supremo Backpacks
( Image Credit: Ubisoft )

It would be an easy guess, that there are surely more advanced versions of these Supremo backpacks that we get to upgrade later down in the game.

What if there are advanced Supremo backpacks that can be used to fly limited distances, Iron Man style!

Which can be used to invade bases from the air by attacking enemies from the air or even a takedown right from the skies.

It is entirely possible.

This video from Ubisoft gives away more clues about the possibility of using Supremo backpacks for flying. A Jetpack.

The best comparison of this capability is from the 1991 movie Rocketeer where we see jetpacks being used to fly, by the protagonist.


What if this kind of flying capability is achieved by Dani with an advanced version of a type of Supremo backpack- a Jetpack

Since Juan Cortez only works with the guerrilla Libertad forces, Castillo’s forces may not have heard about these jetpacks which must have made them think that Dani can actually fly.

Add to that, Dani’s impressive stealth combat and other fighting skills, and since he can now fly. Dani must have attacked the patrols from different points which must have made Castillo’s forces think that it’s just not a single person but a group of them.

After all, the trailer mentions that the main aim of these guerrillas is to win an asymmetric war. 

In Juan Cortez’s exact words “you are an army of one against an army of thousands”.

So in a nutshell, as they now face a guerrilla force that can fly and attacks without detection, Castillo’s forces must have reached a conclusion that  ‘guerrillas have superhuman powers’.

Sounds plausible right! But hey, this is just a big guess, 

We have to wait till October 7th to know for sure, which is when this game is set to release.