Sheldon Cooper! I know you have heard of him.

He is the star of one of the funniest TV shows of all time, 'The Big Bang Theory.'

His roommate and friend Leonard Hofstadter, and the rest of the gang on The Big Bang Theory are some of the most beloved TV characters of our time.

They are funny, endearing, awkward, and downright strange at times, and we love them for all that.

From Sheldon's blind date with Amy to Sheldon’s revenge tale with Wil Wheaton, these are some of the funniest and strangest things to ever happen on The Big Bang Theory but haven't received enough credit for how funny they are.

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Penny is stuck with Sheldon and has to take care of him

The episode where Penny took care of Sheldon when he was down with fever and cold was really heartwarming.

It truly showed a deep down affectionate relationship that these two shared despite being the total opposite in terms of personality.

The song was first introduced in "The Pancake Batter Anomaly" (S01E11), where Penny sang it to Sheldon when he was down with a cold.

Sheldon's mother used to sing this song to him when he was sick as a child. This song still comforts Sheldon, and today, it is the only thing that could make him feel better.

The lyrics go like this:

" Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty Little ball of fur,Happy Kitty Sleepy Kitty, Purr purr purr."

Penny's acting in the low budget movie 'Serial Apeist"

Penny acting in the low budget movie 'Serial Ape-ist.'
( Image Credit : CBS )

One of the funniest moments in the TBBT is the last scene from the episode "The Hofstadter Insufficiency" (S07E1), where we actually see a scene from the low-budget movie, "Serial Ape-ist," where penny acted in one of her initial few acting roles in LA.

The plot of the movie involves a genetically engineered gorilla on a rampage.

In the last scene, we see Penny taking a bath whilst saying her dialogue ( her really bad acting is apparent here and is really funny), and she is attacked by this gorilla.

Although it may seem as if this scene in the sitcom is gruesome, this scene is actually funny when the whole context of a low-budget movie, the dialogue Penny says, the title of the movie, and Penny's bad acting come into the picture.

Raj dresses up as Aquaman and he is not happy about it

Raj hates dressing up as Aquaman.
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Another of the top funniest moments in The Big Bang Theory is in Season 4, Episode 11, titled "The Justice League Recombination."

They had entered a costume contest at the comic book store.

They decided to all dress up as The Justice League because they could have Penny dress as Wonder Woman and Zack, whom Penny was dating (tall and built like a superhero), dress up as Super Man.

Being the pushover in the gang, Raj got stuck with the costume of Aqua Man.

The scene where he enters the room with his costume is one of the funniest in the series. Complimented by a well-timed audience laugh, we couldn't help but LOL when Raj said, "I've said this before, and I'll say this again, Aquaman Sucks! ".

Raj complains about his Aquaman costume throughout the episode, not only because it makes it impossible for him to sit down the entire evening but also because he thinks that Aquaman is lame.

Sheldon's long awaited revenge on Wil Wheaton

Sheldon wants to take revenge on Wil Wheaton.
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Another of the funniest moments in the Big Bang Theory Tv show is the episode where the enmity of Wil Wheaton and Sheldon is shown.

Although the scene points to a long-awaited revenge tale of Sheldon. The way the events play out and the dramatics shown by Sheldon as he gets his revenge are hilarious and one of the most-watched scenes in the show.

You see, Sheldon was a big fan of Wesley Crusher from the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Sheldon, in his childhood, related a lot to the equally brilliant Wesley Crusher, as they both had perfect 'eidetic' memory.

In his childhood, Sheldon rode by bus to the sci-fi convention in Jackson, Mississippi, just to meet his childhood idol, Wil Wheaton.

He wore his Starfleet cadet uniform and even brought his Wesley Crusher action figure for Wil to sign.

However, Wil failed to show up at the convention and thus earning the hatred of Sheldon, who placed him in the 6th spot on his enemies list.

This brings us to this episode where Sheldon has teamed up with Raj in the Mystic Warlords Card Tournament.

Sheldon's only purpose in entering this tournament was to have his revenge for the incident where Wil sort of abandoned his dream of meeting him.

In the final round of the tournament, Sheldon is playing Wil Wheaton, with Raj as his co-player. The match has been intense, and they have come to the final round - Sheldon's turn to play Wil in a head-to-head match.

Before laying down the last card and defeating Wil Wheaton, Sheldon delivers a dramatic monologue speech about how long he has been waiting to get his revenge on Wil Wheaton for disappointing him in his childhood by not showing up for the convention.

How the remainder of the scene plays out when Wil lies to Sheldon about why he wasn't able to turn up for the convention because his grandmother had died, getting all those sentiments from Sheldon is just hilarious.

Sheldon then lets Wil Wheaton win, who then immediately reveals how he just tricked him.

In the next scene, you are given a full view of Sheldon's anger when he starts shouting "Wheaton Whea-tonnn!" and it's funny as heck!

Howard does not have a PhD and he is not happy being reminded of it

Howard hates being singled out as the one who doesn't have a PhD.
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Another of the most hilarious moments in The Big Bang Theory comes in Season 2, Episode 4, titled 'The Griffin Equivalency.' where there is a scene when Dr. Gablehauser comes to Raj's office to greet him for making it to the People magazine's "30 Under 30 to Watch" list.

When Dr. Gablehauser comes into the office, the others are also present, and each of them starts to greet him; and when it comes to the turn of Howard Wolowitz, he greets him by saying, "Dr. Gablehauser."

Dr. Gablehauser says to Howard, "Mr. Wolowitz," subtly indicating that he does not have a Ph.D. like the others in the room, while he refers to Sheldon as "Dr. Cooper," Leonard and Raj as "Dr. Hofstadter" and Dr. Koothrappali respectively.

The way Howard takes offense is really funny, and he replies by saying, "Hey, I have a master's degree," to which Dr.Gablehauser replies, "Who doesn't?"

In the world of Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj, where they all possess advanced doctorate degrees, Howard being the only person in the gang without a Ph.D. makes him feel like the least educated of the lot.

Sheldon and others often mock him because of this, and this scene is particularly funny by the way Howard reacts.

Sheldon wants Penny to apologise to Leonard

Sheldon wants Penny to apologise
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The next funniest scene in The Big Bang Theory comes in Season 3, Episode 7, titled 'The Guitarist Amplification.'

Penny and Leonard have a fight when she tells him that her former boyfriend will be sleeping on her couch while he's in California. Sheldon is not happy when they both fight and tries to reconcile them because he doesn't want to have more drama in his life as he had in his childhood when his parents had fought over trivial things.

In this scene, Sheldon comes to the Cheesecake Factory, where Penny works as a waitress, so as to convince her to apologize to Leonard.

When Penny refuses to apologize and tries to walk away. He acts as if he really came to have lunch there. Penny being a waitress, must stay and take the order now.

As part of the menu, Sheldon asks Penny to apologize again, mentioning that Leonard puts up with a lot of her shortcomings, at which Penny gets offended and asks Sheldon to tell Leonard that he can 'drop dead.'

This scene is funny because it shows the awkward yet endearing chemistry Sheldon and Penny share.

Also, Sheldon, in all earnestness, wanted to patch things up, and he instead ended up making things worse.

Sheldon matches up with Amy on a dating site

Sheldon matches with Amy on a dating site and they hit it off.
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One of the funniest yet also one of the most underrated episodes in the series is the episode where Sheldon and Amy meet for the first time.

This happens in the episode, 'The Lunar Excitation,' which comes in Season 3, Episode 23.

Sheldon met Amy when he was matched with her on an online dating site. Howard and Raj told him about the match, but Sheldon refused to go on a date right away.

Raj coaxed him into going by telling Sheldon that he had hidden a sock in their apartment and told him that he would not tell Sheldon where it was unless Sheldon agreed to this date. Sheldon had no choice but to agree, given how germaphobic he is.

When they did meet up in person at a café later that day, Sheldon was taken aback upon meeting Amy after she acted much like himself. Awkward and aloof, Amy ruled out all forms of intimacy outright. Needless to say, Sheldon was immediately impressed.

Sheldon offers to buy her a drink, to which Amy says yes, and then she turns awkwardly and stares off into the space again with her usual awkward behavior - something which impressed Sheldon Cooper even more!

Bottom Line

Sheldon Cooper has given some of the best laughs on “The Big Bang Theory” and TV sitcoms in general.

After watching each episode, many promptly play the next one, because it feels as if it gets funnier with each episode.

The prequel story narrated through ‘Young Sheldon’ is doing just as well.

Whether he’s narrating an episode or just having his little quirks and moments with the gang, we love Sheldon and his gang in The Big Bang Theory.