About Us

Mascot of 'Covidiot.com' showing an Idiot with tongue out.
Its a symbol for a Covidiot.
Covidiot means an Idiot in the Covid Times

Covidiot.com is a fun, entertainment website aiming to engage visitors with articles, memes, videos, and more.

We don't identify anyone in particular as being a Covidiot, instead, we believe that a Covidiot is a collective noun defining all Idiots who behave stupid and reckless in these Covid Times.

Our philoposhy is that there is a Covidiot in each of us. Therefore Covidiot.com is a space for each and all of us.

This space is strictly non-serious.

Covidiot.com aims to provide value, info, and entertainment to visitors of all age groups 16 and above.

We are a team of expert contributors creating and curating high-quality and informative content across all our different genres, topics, and mediums. Several hundred articles, quizzes, and videos are posted every single week from our contributors.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please drop us a line.