If you're a fan of the long-running sitcom "Two and a Half Men," you're probably well aware of the character of Charlie Harper. Series star Charlie Sheen plays him.


Charlie Harper was the bumbling, womanizing, chain-smoking, binge drinking brother of Alan Harper, who lived life on the easy mode. 


Charlie is the star of the show, and the chemistry between him and his brother is where the comedy lies. 


Charlie had many good moments and bad moments throughout the show, but here we have compiled some episodes and scenes from Two and a Half Men that truly defined Charlie Harper as this easy-going character.


Here are those moments of Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men."

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Charlie gets a Hernia Exam

Charlie Harper twists his back and gets a hernia exam
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The 12th episode of Season 2, titled 'WOO-HOO, A HERNIA-EXAM!' is one of the best moments of Charlie Harper. It goes as much to show Charlie's carefree lifestyle that he takes so far that he gets injured while at it.


In this scene, Alan is told by Charlie's date that his brother is in terrible pain. Alan and Berta rush to Charlie's room to find him stuck in a bent-over position.


Alan asks Charlie if he is okay, to which Charlie replies sarcastically asks, “Do I look okay!?”


Charlie's date explains that the injury happened suddenly, to which Berta says, "Damn, I wish I had a camera."


Charlie's date shows Berta the camera that they were recording with.


As Berta watched the video, Charlie pleaded to Alan, a chiropractor, to do something about the pain.


It should be mentioned that Charlie was always skeptical about Alan's career and has always dismissed his profession as 'urban voodoo.'


It's never like Charlie to apologize for anything he says or does, but here he was in terrible pain that he apologized for all those previous comments and pleaded with Alan to help him.


Alan wasn't done taking advantage of the moment. He mocks Charlie's misery with a voodoo dance just to rub it in.


Alan finally decides to help his crooked brother and proceeds to examine his back pain.

While performing the examination, he pinches a point which makes the pain worse. 


Charlie changes his mind and decides to go to a hospital. 


As he struggles to get off the bed while Alan tries to examine him, he falls off the bed.


Later, they get to a hospital, and we see Charlie lying on the bed in the doctor's examination room.


Then comes the moment which explains Charlie Harper in his truest form.


As soon as a beautiful lady doctor walks into the room, Charlie, lying crooked on the bed, sits up straight as though the pain magically was gone.


Charlie seemed to have forgotten that this doctor, Dr. Michelle Talmadge played by Alicia Coppola, used to date Charlie a few years back.


Classic Charlie!

Parody of "CSI" in which a body is found in Charlie's bed

CSI parody episode in Two and a Half Men
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One of Charlie's best moments on the show comes in the episode called "Fish in a Drawer." which is episode 17 in Season 5. 


In "Fish in a Drawer," the CSI parody, Charlie Harper discovers that his stepfather Teddy Leopold is dead on his bed. His pants were pulled down to just below his ankles, and there was no sign of struggle or any other apparent cause of death.


This happens during the wedding reception of his mother, Evelyn Harper, and Teddy.


The CSI team drops in and investigates the crime scene. Everyone is quickly considered a suspect, including Evelyn Harper, played by Holland Taylor and Charlie.


Charlie was temporarily detained for the crime while others were questioned. Finally, it turns out that Charlie was not the culprit, and Teddy died of a heart attack.


The best moment in this episode comes at the end when the CSI detectives find that Courtney and Teddy were scammers and the wedding was an elaborate plan for them to loot Evelyn Harper.


Courtney is taken to the jail while being cuffed; that's when Charlie, who was having a thing with her, stops her.


We would expect Charlie to get angry at that moment as that would be a normal thing to do, but Charlie Harper is different. 

Instead of anger, he says he will wait for her; of course, that wasn't his brain talking.

This again shows the funny, easy-going character that Charlie Harper is.


Alan falls off the roof in Two and a Half Men

Alan falls off the roof when he refuses to call the guy.
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Another best moment of Charlie Harper comes in an episode titled, ‘Weekend in Bangkok with Two Olympic Gymnasts,’ episode 1 of Season 3. This is one of the best-rated episodes on IMDb and probably is the funniest episode of Two and a Half men.


Here we get to see Alan getting injured and Charlie looking after Jake, who is growing more obnoxious by the week.


The story starts with the TV antenna at Charlie’s house getting misoriented in a storm. Charlie planned to call ‘a guy’ to come and fix the antenna.


Alan ridicules Charlie for being dependent on ‘a guy’ for almost any house-related chores.

He insists that they can fix the antenna if they try together.


Alan gets a ladder, climbs onto the roof, and fixes the antenna, and the TV starts working fine.


Alan slips onto the beach and severely injures himself on his way down the ladder.


This ordeal sounds terrible, but the way it is all shown is hilarious because Alan could have avoided all this if he had just let the guy come and fix the antenna, as Charlie suggested.

Because he insisted, he is now in this situation where his hand is plastered and can hardly move.


Charlie’s easy solution was finally the winner, and Alan should have just listened.

Berta, the alpha dog in Charlie's house

Berta is the alpha dog in the house. The funny episode where Lydia tries to make her do her chores.
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In Season 4, Episode 10 of Two and a Half Men, titled ‘Kissing Abe Lincoln,’ we have a scene in which Lydia ( Charlie’s current girlfriend ) tries to make Berta do her laundry.


Lydia had just told her to learn her place in the house.


Berta is not happy with the way Lydia treats her, so she comes to Charlie’s room to confront Charlie and talk about this situation.


This scene shows the pecking order in the house despite Charlie being the owner of it.


Berta leans toward Charlie and asks, “Who is the alpha dog in this house, Charlie?”


To which Charlie replies, “You are. You are the alpha dog, Berta.”


Despite paying and owning everything in the house, this episode shows Charlie’s relationship with and dependence on Berta. 

Charlie does not play a boss here; he would rather take the easy route. As long as all chores are taken care of by Berta, he has nothing to worry about.


Even though a tense moment is shown, this scene is really amusing.


Final Thoughts

Charlie had his moments, and surely this role cemented Charlie Sheen as a star of the show. 

Almost every episode had some great moments that defined Charlie, but these are our favorites. 

If you watch the show, you'll notice that Charlie starts to grow up as the series goes on, and he becomes more grounded till Season 8; unfortunately, when he leaves the show.

There has been some serious character development till then, and we love it.