hark Tank has been running successfully for 12 seasons and every season we are introduced to a lot of great entrepreneurs and their products. Its exciting to watch the best products walk away with good deals from these Sharks.

Not all products shown are great, some get a deal and some don't.

The products that are rejected in Shark Tank either fails altogether or makes it big outside even without a deal from the Sharks.

Here are 10 products that were rejected by the Sharks but became very popular in Amazon

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1. Ring DoorBell

( Image Credit: Sony Pictures TV )

Ring DoorBell is the biggest deal turned down by the Sharks.

The Sharks regret it even today.

Ring Doorbell is a mix between a doorbell and an apartment buzzer.  
The ring lets homeowners see and speak with whoever is at their door.

As the founder of the Ring Doorbell said in his pitch to the Sharks, "think of it as caller id for your front door."

The device is triggered by motion and can be linked to Alexa.

The Ring was introduced on Shark Tank as 'Doorbot'.

The founder of The Ring 'Jamie Siminoff', asked for a massive $700,000 for 10% stake in the business. The Sharks were not interested and all of them thought it was too soon and that the product was not particularly different from other available solutions out there.

Well, time has proven that they were all wrong. The Ring has become a super hit with the customers and it continues to grow its business with newer versions of the product today.

Now in 2021, we have a much advanced version of The Ring:

The Ring Video Doorbell 4

At the time when this article was published, The Ring Doorbell 4 has a 4.6 rating out of 5

Ratings of The Ring Doorbell in Amazon.com by customers.
( Image Credit: Amazon.com, Inc )

From the ratings of this new product and the reviews of the previous versions of The Ring Doorbell, it's clear that this is popular among the customers.

The Sharks missed out on seeing the future success of The Ring when this was pitched to them.