We still have HIMYM fans mad about the death of the mother at the end of the popular sitcom series.

But did the show's finale actually ruin everything or was the ending justified?

Let's dig deep to understand the pros and cons of How I Met Your mother's ending to finally come to an ultimate conclusion as to if the show's ending deserves the hate.

It's 2021 and the fans are still pissed with the show's finale after all the whole Ted and Robin thing, which was a totally messed up on and off relationship that irked the fans to believe that they are not good together.

And when the fans were convinced of the fact that Ted and Robin don't belong together, they were suddenly given a jolt with the ending where they both got back together.

All the fans hated this ending, and the reasons could be well understood.

But what if it wasn't actually that awful and we just didn't understand how it came to this ending.
Did we miss seeing it build up to this?

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Reason why the exact finale happened

This ending was planned all along from the beginning

First of all, even if it doesn't make it any better, this was the ending the producers had in mind from the very beginning when they started filming it.

This is evident from the fact that we still see the actors who played Ted's kids of the same age as from how the show began.

Ted's kids in How I Met Your Mother listening to Ted tell the story.
( Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Film Corp )

I mean, the whole story was told by Ted to the kids probably in a few days.
The kids are even seen wearing the same clothes.

Clearly, the ending scene with the kids was shot at the beginning of the series.

They were leading up to this exact outcome through multiple hints here and there as to why against all odds Ted and Robin could end up together.

Robin and Barney's divorce was inevitable

Robin and Barney had an unexpected and rather quick divorce. It wasn't fair to split this awesome couple considering how cool they were together.

Fans just didn't take it well when they split just minutes after we saw the whole season about their wedding.

Barney and Robin are a cool couple in How I Met Your Mother.
( Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Film Corp )

Even though these two were the coolest of the gang, if you look at the two characters from a real-life point of view, were they supposed to be together?

I doubt it.

Even Robin mentions it a few times in the final season when she notices that they are both too independent and cannot really work together.

Both were great as friends but really bad when being together as a couple.

Ted and Robin seemed perfect together but they wanted different things

Right from the beginning of the show, we are told why Ted and Robin aren't meant to be together.
It was shown in the very first season that they want very different things.

Ted wanted to get married and have kids.
Robin dreamt of becoming a TV reporter and traveling the world.

Robin says I love you to Ted for the first time in How I Met Your Mother.
( Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Film Corp )

A contrast is set by the showrunners by showing the story of Ted's parents. Like Ted and Robin, they wanted different things but they still ended up together only to get divorced years later.

So the viewers were led to believe that Ted and Robin are better apart even though they are best together.

Ted and Robin chose to remain friends for a while and date other people.

Later in the show, Ted decides that they should get back together and says that he still loves her but eventually, she breaks his heart by saying that she does not.

All those times, in their on-off relationship, they knew they couldn't be together because they wanted different things.

Fast Forward to the end of the show in 2030,
Tracy is gone.
Ted already had kids with Tracy.
Robin is divorced. She is already a successful TV reporter and has travelled the world.

The timing and the situation seemed perfect for them to finally be together.
They just didn't have reasons to stay apart and of course, they always had feelings for each other.

Many subtle hints throughout the show pointing to Ted and Robin getting together

From the first episode of How I Met Your Mother, the plot is set as a love story between Ted and Robin.

Throughout the entire show, there are hints that these two will end up together.

Robin was always portrayed as an active part of the kids' lives

Ted's kids drawing with Robin at the beach.
( Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Film Corp )

Remember how Ted said to his kids that Robin was often in their crayon drawings or how they knew that she was crazy dressing up costumes for Halloween.

The portrayal of Robin being actively involved in Ted's life were actually hints of them getting back together.

Marshall bets Lily that Ted and Robin would end up together

Marshal bets Lily that Ted and Robin would end up together.
( Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Film Corp )

Marshal placed his bet on Ted ending up with Robin. As Ted's best friend, he should know how Ted felt all along about Robin.

Whenever Lily wanted Marshal to pay up when Ted and Robin weren't together, he always said "Not yet".

This was a massive hint that the Fans missed. Ted does end up with Robin, Marshal wins the bet and gets paid.

It was never over between Ted and Robin

Robin asks Ted not to marry Stella in How I met your mother.
( Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Film Corp )

Just before Ted was about to marry Stella, Robin asks Ted not to marry Stella and to go back to his life in New York.

She even said about a chance that she may change her decisions about marriage and kids, the reason why they broke up a year earlier.

Robin had quit her job in Tokyo so that she could be back in New York probably to get back with Ted.

This was a huge hint that things were not over between Ted and Robin.

Robin Tries To Run Away With Ted Before Her Wedding To Barney in How I Met Your Mother.
( Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Film Corp )

Later in the series, just before Robin married Barney. Robin asks Ted to run away with her.

She said to Ted, "You’re the one who always comes through for me, Ted. The ones who’s there for me. Maybe I should be marrying you".

This was again a huge hint she still had feelings for Ted and that their story hadn't ended yet.

Fans surely missed seeing the point!

So there you go, We missed seeing these hints didn't we!

Yeah but even if Ted and Robin had to end up together. We still think the killing of Tracy so soon was just not fair.

Many fans are angry about the fact that they did not get to see more of Ted and Tracy and their beautiful story.

Even if Ted and Robin had to end up together. We needed more of Tracy!

I mean, that was the whole point of the show.

The whole series was about finding the mother, about finding "The ONE".

Fans getting angry for the very short story of Tracy is truly justified.

But hey, the ending is still not as bad as Game of Thrones, or is it!